Thursday, March 06, 2008

On Mountain Tops And Valleys



I stood upon a mountaintop,

An awesome beauty viewed;

And gazed unto the distant peaks

In glory rainbow-hued.

I stared in matchless wonder,

No tongue or words could tell,

The artistry God’s hand did paint

No, none could parallel.

But then I looked to valleys deep

As far as eye could see,

And said, “Dear God, I’d like to dwell

Right here, just you and me.”

He said, “My child, it’s time to go,

There’s work that you must do.”

I said, “Father, can’t we stay right here

And just enjoy the view?

“The easy way is not the best,”

He said, “You’ll never grow.

It’s only through the valleys deep

My blessings you will know.

In valleys deep you’ll learn to trust,

You’ll learn to lean on me,

You’ll find my strength sufficient

To meet your every need.

It’s through the valley’s shadows

that I will make you whole,

Not mountaintops but valleys deep

Where I restore your soul.”


 -- Linda J. Stevenson

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