Tuesday, March 04, 2008

It Cuts Like A Knife



       “I’m sorry, Andrew. Your mother and I have decided. It’s final”

The words cut like a knife. Andrew went to his room and slammed

the door. He couldn’t believe his parents were actually going to get

a divorce.


       What about Mandy? Andrew thought? She’s only five. She won’t

understand. This will kill her. And I won’t even see her that much

anymore! She’ll be with Mom and I’ll be with Dad. The more Andrew

thought about it, the angrier he got. He cranked up the stereo and

lay on the floor, staring at the ceiling. Is it my fault? Andrew mulled.

They’ve been upset with me about my grades and my attitude.

What if this is because of me?


       Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Andrew recognized

the sound. “Come in, Mandy,” he said. He tried to muster a smile.


       “Mommy and Daddy said we’re going to live in different places,

Mandy said quite calmly with an innocence that Andrew wished

he still had. “What does that mean?”


       Andrew held his little sister and fought to find the right words

to say. They never came. Inside, all he could think was, This isn’t

how it’s supposed to be.”


       Divorce isn’t supposed to happen. God never designed marriage

to be a temporary journey in life. It’s meant to last a lifetime… Jesus

explained that when two people marry, they are joined together

by God -- and no one should ever try to break what God has put together.


       If your parents are divorced, you know how hard it can be.

Sometimes you’re with Mom, sometimes Dad. You can get away

with certain things with one parent, but not the other. Mom

complains about Dad, and Dad insults Mom. You have good friends

near one house, none at the other. You just want to stop the madness.


       You can’t do anything about someone else’s divorce, but you

can decide right now what you will do with your marriage. You can

make a decision before you ever meet your future husband or wife

that you will stay married for life. How can you prepare to make

such a big decision? Two things. First, pray that God will bring you

a godly spouse. Put Him in charge of your marriage now. Second,

keep yourself sexually pure for your mate-to-be. If you are faithful

now, you are more likely to be faithful then.


Shared by Joe Gatuslao


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