Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Children Love Music

From FOCUS ON THE FAMILY, Today, 04 March 2008 edition

By Dr James Dobson


Children Love Music


One of the most popular guests of our Focus on the Family

radio broadcasts was Mr John Waltrip, a music specialist

with 30 years of experience teaching music to children.


Parents, he said, even more so than teachers, have the

opportunity to influence how their children feel about music.

Babies respond to music almost from birth. So lullabies

and songs sung by the parent are a good introduction to music.


Body movement to music will help your baby develop

a feel for rhythm. Mr Waltrip suggested gently bouncing

the baby on the knee to the beat of the music or rocking

a child to sleep with music playing.


Children from about 18 months of age love to make their

own sounds, so a music box should be their first musical toy.

It prompts initiative and gives them a sense of controlling

the performance.


Almost every child loves music, so grab the opportunity

to spark a lifelong interest.

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