Thursday, March 06, 2008




“Come; see a man who told me everything I ever did. Could this be

the Christ?” (Jesus John 4:29, NIV)


One of the wonderful things about the gospel is that God calls, saves,

and uses ordinary people.


The culture of Jesus’ day was vastly different from ours except,

perhaps, for racism. On one occasion when Jesus wanted to reach

a Samaritan village with his message of salvation, he stopped by

a well and made friends with a Samaritan woman. This was not

kosher for a Jew because the Jews looked down their noses at these

people and had no dealings with them.


Not so Jesus. After asking this woman for a drink of water and

having some small talk with her, Jesus skillfully directed the

conversation to spiritual matters. Not only was this woman

a Samaritan but one who had led a very colorful life and she was

a social outcast which was obvious by the fact that she was

drawing water from the well in the middle of the day. All the

other women from the village did so in the cool of the evening.


Knowing exactly what type of woman she was, Jesus said to her,

“Go and get your husband and come back with him.”


“I don’t have a husband,” she replied.


“I know,” Jesus said, “you’ve already had five and the man

you are now with is not your husband!”


That would be quite a reputation even today let alone in that day

and in that society.


And yet, this was the woman that Jesus chose to be the messenger

to carry the gospel to her village -- which she did -- and because of

her excitement about meeting Jesus, the people came to see and

hear Jesus for themselves.


Jesus, who upheld impeccable moral standards and high ideals

regarding marriage, wasn’t shocked by this woman’s lifestyle.

He saw beyond the externals and looked at her heart. Here was

a woman who needed salvation and healing and was willing to

admit her failures.


Neither is God shocked with you or me when we admit our sins,

faults and brokenness and bring them to him for his forgiveness

and healing.


Suggested prayer: “Dear God, I bring myself with all my sins,

faults and brokenness to you. Forgive me where I have broken

your laws. Pardon me where I have failed. Have mercy on me

where I have sinned. And help me to see my “broken parts”

so I can bring them to you for your healing and recovery.

Gratefully in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

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