Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A Lifetime of Enjoyment

From FOCUS ON THE FAMILY, Today, 05 March 2008 edition

By Dr James Dobson


A Lifetime of Enjoyment


We were talking the last time about children between birth and

two years of age, and how their parents can begin introducing them

to the wonderful world of music.


The most important era, however, occurs between three and seven,

when 80 per cent of a child’s hearing development occurs.


That’s the time when parents should expose their kids systematically

to an array of rhythm and song.


Introduce a feel for rhythm by giving the youngster a pot and a stick

or a spoon to pound.


You may even want to form a small rhythm band consisting of

neighbourhood children or cousins.


Then, as the child bets a little older, attend band concerts and

parades and recitals.


And finally, begin giving formal music lessons when the child

appears emotionally and physically ready to learn. For Mozart,

that was about three years of age. For mere mortals, it will be

a few years later.


Regardless of the timetable, be sure you introduce your children

to this exciting world that they will enjoy for a lifetime.

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