Friday, February 29, 2008

Make the Most of Each Moment God Gives You!



You can’t know how much longer you have to live or what God has

in store for you during your remaining time on earth, but you can

make the most of each moment as you live it. Every choice you make

throughout each day matters.


Here are some ways to use your time to fulfill God’s purposes in

your life:


 * Realize that God loves you and cares about how you spend your life.


 * Depend on God’s grace to help you make positive choices. Strive

 to be faithful when making little choices as well as big ones, since

 little choices accumulate to shape the direction of your life.


 * Live each day with the knowledge that there is no security in

 this world, but there is security in Christ. Invest yourself in what

 God values for a return that will last.


* Expect to experience situations that will test your faith. If you

 respond to them in obedience, your faith will grow stronger. If you

 respond by compromising your faith, you will slide farther and

 farther away from God. Find meaning and acceptance in the

 eternal world rather than in this temporary one.


* Realize that God sometimes will bring blessings your way,

 but also will ask you to give up some things that may be important

 to you. Be willing to say yes when He asks you to do so.


 * If God is calling you to do something, don’t let fear or attacks

 from others hold you back. Go for it!


* Interact with non-Christians, demonstrating the gospel through

 your life so they can see what it looks like when Christ is

 transforming someone. They’ll listen much more attentively

 to your words after they watch how you live.


* Don’t waste your precious resources of time, energy and attention

 by investing them in trivial matters. Set your priorities in life

 to reflect things that God considers important.


 * Keep disappointments in perspective. Realize that they don’t mean

 the end of your world.


 * Pursue a mission rather than an ambition. Follow what God

 wants you to do, not just what you want to do (sometimes, the

 two can align).


 * Seek God’s will when making decisions, by reading the Bible,

 developing a heart that’s close to God, receiving wise counsel,

 looking for God’s providence, applying sound judgment andaccepting

 divine intervention. Remember that peace and fulfillment will come

 not through what you do but through who you are and who you love.


 * Find a coach to help you as you live out your faith - perhaps a parent,

 friend or pastor.


* Rather than focusing on yourself, focus on how you can serve others

 as God would like you to do. Develop a servant’s heart by keeping

 a proper perspective on events in your life, focusing your security

 on God and embracing humility.


 * Find a way to make the seemingly impossible become possible,

 with God’s help. Use your creativity and determination to build

 character and perseverance that will last long after you’ve overcome

 a particular challenge.


 * Realize that even if others consider your life to be merely ordinary,

 Christ sees you as an extraordinary person.


* Rely on God’s power to help you surpass cruelty in this world.

 Know that God will never allow you to experience more than you can

 bear, and will always be present with you, ready to provide help you need.


* Don’t just wait for opportunities to witness to others about your faith.

 Create such opportunities whenever you can. Always consider

 what you’re currently doing to fulfill God’s destiny.


* Don’t just mark time by “walking” through life. Embrace the potential

 in each moment so you can run the race that God has set before you.


-- By Live It Editor Whitney Von Lake

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