Friday, February 29, 2008




“So get rid of [defuse] your feelings of hatred Don’t just pretend

to be good!” (1 Peter 2:1, TLB)


According to Run Hutchcraft in “A Word With You,” it was one of

the causes Princess Diana was most passionate about. A little-known

organization that addresses this issue won the Nobel Peace Prize.

It’s not an issue we think much about, but it’s one that costs

countless lives every year -- land mines.


They are the deadly leftovers of old battles, and many innocent people

are injured or killed by them. A land mine is, of course, not where you

can see it coming. It’s buried. You’re just walking along and suddenly

the ground beneath you explodes, maiming or destroying an innocent



While most of us will never (and hopefully never will) be in places

where land mines still exist, many of us constantly walk among

emotional-mines every day in our relationships. And many of us

still have within us “emotional landmines” from old battles,

“landmines” that have never been defused. Consequently,

the slightest offense or hurt can trigger great explosions

and harm or even destroy relationships.


These “emotional landmines” are unresolved and pent up feelings

of hurt, anger and hostility. And unless we do as the Bible says –

get rid of these negative feelings -- we are emotional landmines

waiting to be triggered.


Burying and repressing supercharged negative emotions

doesn’t get rid of them. That’s what turns them into landmines.

For more help see “Taming Your Anger.”


Suggested prayer: “Dear God, please help me to face and resolve

all supercharged, repressed negative emotions I may have

and get rid of them so that I will not lash out and hurt others

when things happen that could trigger these emotional landmines.

Gratefully in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

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