Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Heart Attack Warning Signs

From FOCUS ON THE FAMILY, Today, 27 Feb 2008 edition

By Dr Bill Maier


Heart Attack Warning Signs


We’ve all seen Hollywood’s version of a heart attack. Someone will suddenly

grab their chest, then keel over and die, almost without warning.


But that’s not how it usually happens. Most heart attacks start slowly,

with mild pain or discomfort.


Often, people aren’t sure what’s happening to them, so, they shake it off

and wait too long before getting help. But heart failure is serious business

and we should never ignore the warning signs.


Chest pains are the first thing to watch for. Most heart attacks involve pressure

in the centre of the chest that tends to come and go.


Another sign is pain in one or both arms, or a feeling of discomfort in the back,

neck, jaw or stomach. You might also experience a shortness of breath.


Heart problems can be prevented or treated if caught early, so, be sure

to pay attention when your body is giving you a warning.

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