Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Helping Kids Pick Friends

From FOCUS ON THE FAMILY, Today, 26 Feb 2008 edition

By Dr Bill Maier


Helping Kids Pick Friends


“But mom! All my friends get to stay up late and go to restricted movies!

Why can’t I?”


Does that sound familiar? If so, the solution may surprise you.


When children start challenging your rules and guidelines, sometimes

it can be a sign that they are making the wrong kinds of friends.


When your children see their peers doing things they know

you do not approve of them doing, it makes them feel uncomfortable.


The worst thing a child can imagine is feeling like an outsider.


So they push the limits and try to get you to give in.


Your biggest concern may not be what they want to do,

but what kind of friends they are doing it with.


Teach them the importance of finding positive friends and role models.


Show them how to discern character, and how to pick their friends –

instead of allowing just anybody to pick them as a friend.


Above all, hold fast to your rules, and make sure they know the reason

you made those rules in the first place.

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