Friday, February 22, 2008

Strong-willed vs Compliant Kids

Strong-willed vs Compliant Kids



By Dr James Dobson, Today, 18 Feb 2008 edition


We’ve talked about the inborn temperaments of children, which can range

from compliant to strong-willed, from sweet to spitfire.


But what else do we know about these very different children? How do they fare

as they get older and what do parents need to know to raise them properly?

We now have some answers.


More than 35,000 parents participated in a study I conducted on temperaments.

Let me share four of the conclusions.


First, there are nearly three times as many strong-willed children as compliant ones.

And almost every family with children has at least one.


Second, there is a slight tendency for males to have tougher temperaments and for females

to be more compliant, but this can be, and often is, reversed.


Third, most parents recognise strong-willed children very early. One-third can tell at birth,

two-thirds know by the first birthday and 92 per cent are certain by the third birthday.

Parents of compliant children know it even earlier.


Fourth, the temperaments of children tend to reflect those of their parents,

although there are many exceptions. Strong-willed parent are more likely

to produce tough-minded children and vice-versa.

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