Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Largest Indoor Snow Park in Dubai

This is the only place in the world where one can enjoy skiing
when outside temperature in peak summer is plus 48°C!!!

This photo attached which shows construction phase as well.
Money talks too much here and you will agree after seeing this!!!

The largest Snowdome in the world, containing the world's third largest
Indoor Ski Slope has opened in the Gulf Emirate of Dubai.

Ski Dubai, 85m high by 80m wide, has to cope with average outside
winter temperatures of 25°C and summer temperatures soaring above 40°C.

The temperature inside is maintained at -1°C or -2°C.
Arabs who prefer
to wear their traditional kandouras
can hire black, knee-length padded coats.

The 22,500sqm of piste are covered with 6,000 metric tons of manufactured snow
all year round. The $272m resort is the latest project in the Emirates which is seeking

to become a major tourism hub.

"Snow in the desert is such a unique experience for locals who have never seen snow,"
said Ski Dubai's chief executive
, Phil Taylor.

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