Friday, February 22, 2008

Manners and Courtesies

From FOCUS ON THE FAMILY, Today, 21 Feb 2008 edition

By Dr James Dobson


Manners and Courtesies


Let’s talk today about teaching some fundamental principles of courtesy

and manners to our children.


It’s an interesting topic given the coarsening of society and the rudeness

that has become so common today.


That in itself is good reason for parents to teach their boys and girls

a more civil way to behave.


Maybe it is old fashioned, but I still think kids should be required to say

“please” and “thank you” around the house. This is jut one method

of reminding them that ours is not a gimme-gimme world and even though

their mothers are cooking for them, they need to show some gratitude in return.


But those attitudes don’t just happen automatically. Appreciation of this sort

must be taught and the instructional process should begin at home

with fundamental politeness to one another.


A related issue is how children speak to their elders. Does it seem to you

that children are far too familiar, too informal, with adults today?


Now I don’t suppose this informality is harmful, but there is still a place

for a certain respect in the manners of children. It puts their entire

pattern of behaviour on a higher plane.

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