Friday, February 22, 2008

No Kid Too Tough To Raise


By Dr James Dobson, Today, 20 Feb 2008 edition


No Kid Too Tough To Raise


We’ve been talking these last two days about a study of strong-willed

versus compliant kids from 35,000 families.


In short, what this investigation reveals is that a compliant child tends to be more at peace

with itself as well as with parents, teachers and peers; while a strong-willed child seems compelled

from within to fuss, fight, test, question, resist and challenge. It is difficult to know why.

Basic temperaments simply appear to be inherited.


But there are a couple of other things that mums and dads might find helpful.


First, raising an especially strong-willed child, or a household full of them, can be a very lonely job.

You may even begin to feel like yours is the only family that’s gone through such struggles.

Don’t believe it. In another study of 3,000 families, we found that 85 per cent had at least

one strong-willed child. this is parenthood. This is human nature.


Second, I hope you’ll resist the inclination to feel cheated or depressed by the responsibility

of raising a tough-minded kid. You’re not an exception or the butt of some cruel cosmic joke.

Yes, it is more difficult, but you can do it. All it takes is a consistent application

of love and discipline for about 18 years.

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