Friday, February 22, 2008

Pictures... to Marvel at... and be Inspired...

The bridge (or should it be called tunnel) goes under water
to allow movement of ships . In order for ships to pass,
this bridge is half under the water. You drive down
in the water and then come out on the other side.
Truly a marvelous piece of engineering! This bridge
is between Sweden and Denmark.
Picture taken from the side of Sweden.

Manitoba Home Security




Don't we all want to do this some day?

God IS bigger than the boogie man!

Come and fix the printer jam please?
Call Minnie; Mickey is in trouble.

He's not dead but he's sure stuck!? They do end up
getting him out and letting him loose for those of you
that are mouse lovers. How'd you like to get to work and find this problem?

Be calm, quiet, tranquil.

Bloom as often as you can.

Stay close to your family.

Explore the world around you.

Enjoy the relaxing rhythm of waves.

Watch the moon rise.

Spread your wings and take off on your own.

Then enjoy the comfort of coming home again.

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