Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How To Control Stress

Stress… stress… stressssss!!!!!

See if any of these suggestions will work for you.


1.       Be more organized.


2.      Give yourself time to adjust from one change to another.


3.      Set goals for yourself that are achievable so that you don’t become frustrated or discouraged.


4.      Get all the relevant information 1st – Don’t make major decisions blindly.


5.       Make the best of what you have and learn to accept what you cannot change.


6.      Think positive.


7.      Do not keep all your problems and worries to yourself.


8.      Be kind, loving and polite to your family. Treat them the same way you should treat your friends and colleagues.


9.      Respect others’ view and be patient with their faults.


10.   Keep your body healthy by exercising regularly, eating wisely and getting enough sleep.


11.   Take a short break when you feel tense or tired.


12.   Deep breathing exercise, meditation, massage and muscle relaxation can help in relieving stress.

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