Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Love and Discipline

From FOCUS ON THE FAMILY, Today, 25 Mar 2008 edition


Love and Discipline

By Dr Bill Maier


Our kids need a lot of things from us parents, but their

two most critical needs are love and limits. That means

showing our kids that we love them unconditionally,

but also that we expect them to mind us.


You know, I see a lot of parenting philosophies that lean

too far one way of the other. Some parents tend to be

too permissive. They seem to believe that love is all

a child needs.


Other parents are too strict and rigid, and show very little

affection. But neither extreme is healthy.


All love and no limits can be confusing to kids, and eventually

creates little monsters. Harsh discipline without love pushes

children away and batters their self-image.


The key is finding a healthy balance – giving kids all the love

they need, while still enforcing clearly-defined limits.

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