Wednesday, March 26, 2008

God's Fruit of the Vine: GRAPES

God’s Fruit of the Vine: Grapes


When we study the Bible, we see so many references to grapes and

grape-related products (wine), but it makes us wonder what God had in

mind when He created these. Science is now discovering some startling

new benefits of grapes. There was a recent international symposium on

the prevention of cancer and heart disease, and some of the world’s

leading researchers in the field of chemo prevention revealed studies

showing that grapes have previously undiscovered properties that may

help reduce breast, colon, and liver cancer.


For example, research from the University of Illinois at Chicago showed

that a component of grapes known as resveratrol could actually inhibit

the growth of tumors. Resveratrol inhibits tumor growth at three

different stages (initiation, promotion, and progression). A study from

Cornell University Medical College showed that resveratrol could inhibit

the development of a certain enzyme linked to breast cancer. From

France’s Liver Research Study Group comes evidence that resveratrol can

prevent liver cancer inhibiting the growth of cells and also preventing

existing tumor cells from growing and invading other areas of the liver

and surrounding tissue.


Dr. Steele, of the National Cancer Institute, has also studied

resveratrol and feels that it shows promise as a cancer chemo preventive

agent in preventing colon cancer. Other researchers at the conference

showed the potential benefits of grapes on heart disease. A researcher

at University of California - Davis showed that antioxidants in grapes

known as flavonoids keep the bad LDL fraction of cholesterol from being

oxidized and, therefore, prevent it from being deposited in the artery

walls. Flavonoids in purple grape juice also can prevent blood clots

from forming which can decrease factors that contribute to

arteriosclerosis, or thickening and hardening of the arteries that can

block the flow of blood to the heart.


In the Bible days, grape products were consumed daily and continue to be

consumed in the Mediterranean countries, which have some of the lowest

rates of cancer and heart disease in the world. I consume the dark

seedless grapes (10 or 15 per day).


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