Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dinner Table Battles

From FOCUS ON THE FAMILY, Today, 27-Mar-2008 edition


Dinner Table Battles

By Dr Bill Maier


There’s nothing quite as frustrating as a child who refuses

to eat during mealtimes. But is this battle really about food?


I remember hearing about a family meal where a young boy’s

parents spent the entire evening trying to reason with him

and even tried to force a bite into his mouth. But nothing worked

and it only made the dinner miserable for everyone.


What many parents don’t understand is that the issue isn’t

about food – it’s about control.


A strong-willed child often looks for opportunities to take charge,

and the dinner table is one place where he knows he can win.

Parents should refuse to be dragged into such battles.


A simple solution is to simply let the child know that they

are expected to eat what’s on their plate. If they don’t,

wrap up the food and serve it to them again the next mealtime.


They’ll eat when they’re hungry, trust me. Children are not

going to starve, but they do need to know who is in control.

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