Monday, July 23, 2007

When You Are Proven Wrong...

Different people have different reactions when they are proven wrong.

Each person has his own way of handling this situation. From the movie

“National Treasure”, Ben’s father is one good example:


“I’m very happy to be proven wrong!”


This was what Ben Gates’ father exclaimed when they were down under the church,

in a room just next to the treasure chamber. The room was empty, and Ben just gave up,

when they thought that somebody has gone before them and has taken or moved the

treasure somewhere else. But Ben’s father’s enthusiasm was just the opposite. He said,


“This existed (meaning, the room, then another room). You were right.

I’m very happy that you did it for yourself, for all of us.”


Father and son knew that all their family’s effort, from the grandfather, to the father,

and now, to the son, is not lost, is not wasted. And after a few more exchange of words

between father and son, the father finally said,


“… then we just keep looking…”


And they found what they were looking for…


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