Thursday, July 26, 2007


Today, I told my eldest daughter to pass in her second application for exemption

from offering mother tongue language to her school admin. I was joking her, that,

were she asked further, she’d take Yalam instead of the Oriental tongue she is now

taking. To top the joke, I imitated the way these guys talk – which is very emphatic!


Then, I remembered a very famous singer from this race. She is indeed a good singer.

She is SN. Here is Gapor, where the races are mixed, we have various artists in the

different entertainment industries as well. So you can take your pick. Naturally, our

pretty miss have her own fans, and the artists have theirs as well. Recalling one article

that was written about Ms SN, she is compared alongside the other so-called singers

of the other skin color. She was favored. Because of this, because of that, blah, blah, blah.

The punch line is this; her fame is due to her purity onstage. She doesn’t need to ‘undress’

to attract her spectator fans, to draw a big crowd, and so on.


She is good, indeed. She has staged performances here and abroad. She has released many

albums. She is a consistent stage performer here in the other land. Her face is almost always

a common sight in TV shows, like Najip Ali in Malaysia, and Gurmit Singh in Singapore.

And this for years that I’ve known her since I came here in this foreign land.


Except that, a year ago, when the time came for her to receive a marriage proposal,

some things simply don’t tie up with her supposed purity. The stage was divided right

in the middle. Her proponents said that she did that because she is pure, the opponents,

on the other hand, is attacking her so-called ‘purity’, as to ‘why’ of her doing that.

The issue? The guy is already married, and, notwithstanding that their belief allows them

to have multiple wives, our Ms SN simply does not like being Number Two. The antagonists

roared, “How can you say she is ‘pure’ when she can destroy a marriage by demanding

that the man divorce the present wife?!”


Well, as Murphy’s law dictates, anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

The present wife was divorced. No problem for the man – very, very rich.

He marries our Ms SN, not as second wife, but First Lady. The she got pregnant. And so on.


Maybe, just maybe, the meaning of purity is subjective after all…


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