Thursday, July 26, 2007

Remembrance of National Day

For a few nights now, I’ve been seeing the news, and before the cast is ended,

there is always the Quiz that is given to all viewers, but only applies to citizens.

It is the whereabouts and whatabouts of this year’s celebration.


Of course, those who answer correctly, and are selected when their SMS is received,

also get a prize, either a ticket to the program, or some other tangible items.


It was then that I realize the organizers’ reason behind for their throwing this

Quiz, which is, if I can recall correctly, every year. Year after year, they hold this quiz.


It is not so much on the prizes. It is not so much on the head knowledge of the people.

It goes much deeper. It is their appreciation of their independence. It is about their

involvement and participation. It is, on top of it all, about their citizenship.


The government is  on the right track of educating and promoting to their citizens

the sense of being a patriot – even to some extent, nationalist. My ethics teacher

differentiated many years ago a patriot and a nationalist. He knows very well

the meaning of these 2 words; he was a nationalist, having studied in UP…


Patriot – one who loves his country

Nationalist – one who loves his country, and harbors contempt on other countries


I feel jealous about this country where I am currently in. As for my home country,

honestly I can’t recall something like this, or maybe, I’m not paying attention anymore.

The news usually dwells on the blunders and problems of leaders. The radio announcers

are very much adept in attacking the personalities found to be doing wrong. Most of the

time, it is the poor side of the government that is receiving the limelight. The good,

the achievements, the accomplishments, the feats, they are usually given a line or two.

Or, they would be shown on special programs. I think it will be better the other way around.


Who can save my homeland?


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