Monday, July 23, 2007

Another D.A.R.Y.L. movie line

DARYL, being a robot, or rather, a human supposed to be devoid of feelings and emotions,

started to feel and be affected by emotions, the doctor was thrilled!


They watched his ‘memory bank’ when he was playing baseball, and he just simply keeps on

batting a home run, and their team was winning.


A remark from the mother changed all that. On his next batting, 3 strikes, and he was out!


The doctor asked him why he ‘did’ that. DARYL responded that in some cases, ‘error is more

important than efficiency’. ‘When is that important?’ the doctor asked. And DARYL answered,

‘When keeping relationships.’


That is why, when faced with the same situation, most of us would rather keep mum than ‘hurt’

the other person with the truth. Or rather, we’d simply pretend that we don’t know anything

if telling the truth would impact our relationship.


Well, there is always the balance. And king Solomon doesn’t admonish keeping mum. He does,

however, caution and warn us, about ‘when to speak up’. And he encourages everyone to be

honest and truthful in all our dealings. Though many will say that ‘what you don’t know won’t

hurt you’, that is an entirely wrong belief. If I have cancer and I don’t know it, it will kill me,

not just hurt me; it will kill me. And it is also the other person’s responsibility and accountability

to be ‘correcting’ the person in the wrong, especially if the ‘person in the wrong’ is perpetuating

the wrong with other persons, and on a continual basis.


So it is one thing to ‘protect the relationship’; it is totally a different thing for friends to

‘being and keeping transparent in a relationship’, despite the truths that may come between them.


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