Monday, July 23, 2007

To Make Evil Triumph...

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

- Edmund Burke, though not directly quoted by him, but may be derived from his statement


I have this gnawing pain in my heart to directly and outrightly hit on the head hard enough

a prevailing and continuing mis-education and mis-information about metals and their

alleged decomposition, percolation, permeation and finally, assimilation by the body.

After first hearing about this report, during a talk given to promote a certain product,

this mis-information is surfacing out as the selling point of the item being promoted.

While it is true that the material used in the implement is of excellent quality, so much

that it is beyond compare, rendering all the other wares to be of a lower-quality material,

this is a plausible argument. This, adding to the mis-information and demonstration done,

becomes a ‘deceptive front’ to make you buy into their products. They make you choose

on where you would want your money. If they got you hooked and wondering on the

passage and absorption of metallic elements into your body, you’re done for! A chemist

would argue to death that this is true. An engineer who deals with metals would dissent

right away, and exclaim ‘Not true!’.


So what is true.


Here’s what I found. They are both right.




Yes, they are both right.


The chemist is correct that if the metals were ingested, it would be fatal. And it has to be

accummulated to be of an effective amount. The small, small quantities that are taken in

are of no effect; they have to be taken in on a regular basis, over the years. How many years?

Maybe 10, or 20, or 30, or more. It would have to be that long, for these small, small quantities

of dissolved metals, have to be of excellent adhesive property when in the intestines, otherwise,

they would have been flushed out, or, dissolved into smaller quantities even further and

decomposed for excretion, by mere water therapy.


The metallurgical engineer is also right in that the supposed leaching of metals into food

is not possible, as the melting point, or breaking-down temperature of the metal, is never reached.

Even when the dish or condiment being cooked is prepared over a high temperature, not to mention

That some ingredients can be ‘reactive’ and ‘becomes conducive’ to the alleged leaching process,

it simply does not happen.


The conclusion:

The statements of those who ‘promote’ the utensils by ‘scaring’ you to death and cheating you

out of your hard-earned money by mis-information, mis-education, and ‘deceptive front’ –

this simply does not merit any commendation. It does merit a judgement no less than a crime

punishable by public flogging and cutting of the tongue and digits, to ensure that the ‘salah’

is not repeated.


But then again, who am I to speak? Much less, who am I that they should believe in?

If the ‘authorities’ don’t speak up, who will?


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”


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