Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Isaiah 40:31 and Characteristics of an eagle

It helps us understand Isaiah 40:31 more after reading this.


Characteristics of an eagle:



Eagles are the most long-lived bird in the world. By the time they reach 40 years old,

their claws start to age, losing their effectiveness making it hard for them to catch

their prey. The lifespan of an eagle is up to 70 years old. But in order to live this long,

the eagle must make the toughest decision when it's at 40.


Their beaks begin to grow long and curvy to the point that it reaches its chest.

Its wings are extremely heavy due to thickened and long feathers making flying

extremely difficult. The eagle is left with 2 choices - do nothing and await its death, or,

go through a painful period of transformation and renewal.


For 150 days, it will first train itself to fly beyond the high mountains, build and live

in its nest and cease all flying activities. It then begins to knock its beak against granite rocks

till its old beak is completely removed. When the new beak is grown, the eagle would use it

to remove all its old claws and wait quietly for all new claws to be fully grown. When the

new claws are fully grown it would use these to remove all its feathers, one by one.

5 months later, when the new feathers are fully grown, with renewed strength,

it begins soaring in the sky yet once again and is able to live for the next 30 years.


In life, an individual, in a ministry, or even in an organization, sometimes, we have to

learn to make difficult decisions so as make room for changes. Changes bring about renewal.

And the only way for us to soar again is to let go of old ways, old habits, and old life.

For as long as we are prepared to put aside all our old baggages (past glory or shame,

past success or failures), be willing to become zero, with an empty cup mentality,

we will be able to discover our potentials and head towards a renewed perspective

in any aspect of our lives. Yet at the same time, I am also reminded of Isaiah 40:31,

“but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings

like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”


I used to wonder why the Lord would associate those who wait upon him with the eagle

and not other birds like peacocks, chickens or turkeys (he, he). It's only when I read this

that I know - God has intended that we should soar on wings like eagles, run and not be weary,

walk and not faint. But this could only be possible when we hope and wait in Him

to renew our strength and be prepared to be molded all over again - be zero again,

be still again, and be quiet again. And the journey of renewal will be painful and

it requires an attitude of 5 words – “I want, I am willing”.


May this sharing encourage you all.

Finally, “be bold, be strong for the Lord Thy God is with You”.



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