Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Steamed See Bass

Steamed Sea Bass

Steamed sea bass is a very nice dish. The way that it is cooked ensures that

all the vitamins and minerals are locked in – the nutrients are preserved.

And this recipe is the simplest than can be.



Sea bass, about 1kg

Garlic, just a small lump

Spring onion, about 4 heads

Tomato, 2

Sesame oil

Soy sauce


Aluminum container, round

Aluminum foil



1.       Have the scales and gills of the fish removed. Rub salt.

2.      Clean, then cut the spring onion into half.

a.       The top half, cut further into smaller pieces.

b.       Leave the bottom part as is.

3.      Peel the skin of the garlic, then slice thin; can be sliced into thin sticks also.

4.      Cut the tomato into small pieces.



1.       Set the sea bass into the aluminum container.

2.      Sprinkle a bit of soy sauce.

3.      Add a dash of sesame oil.

4.      Throw in the garlic around the container.

5.       Scatter the tomatoes around the fish.

6.      Distribute nicely the bottom part spring onion.

7.      Sprinkle the top part spring onion.

8.      Cover the container with aluminum foil.

9.      Select a pot that can contain the aluminum container just right.

10.   Put in a cup or 2 of tap water in the pot; making sure that there is enough for making steam.

11.   Heat up cooker to about 180C, leave for 20 minutes.

12.   Turn off the heat, and let the pot stand for about 5 minutes.

13.   Serve!


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