Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Why Do We Send Our Kids to School?

A couple of months back, my Chinese colleague and I were talking about random things.

Then we focused on a few things about education. She mentioned that she had a grandfather

who was unschooled, but very smart. You wouldn’t know that he did not go to school if not

his telling it. However, the point she did make is this: the grandfather made sure that his

children did go to school themselves. He must have seen something that, despite learning

and knowing what the schoolkids learn and know, there is something more than just that.


There is. Discipline.


First and foremost is the discipline of time.

Then there is the discipline of rules and regulations.

We also have the discipline of test.

We also have the discipline of conformity.

Then there is the discipline of adaptability.

There is also the discipline of socializing.

Not to forget, the discipline of hierarchy.

And the discipline of discipline (itself).


I wish I can explain all these in a clear and concise manner, but I can’t.

I did go to school, but that talent and skill is not just in me.


Some things aren’t simply learned, school or no school…


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