Friday, July 20, 2007

I remember how I started with BBS...

Many years ago, when blogging was not in existence, there was what we called BBS.

There were no ICQs then, or, if there were, not wildly used yet. We used the VMS platform,

And the bulletin board sites, the forums, web logs, were all in text-based formats (only).

I happen to access the oklahoma education center .org site, and there were many forums.

In I went, checked a few forums, then picked on the science group. There I was, really,

really a newbie. Experience is zilch. Blogging know-how is nil. I only know computers as is.

I was green on the collar on the outside world…


I saw Shekinah, asked her why she picked that name, and my guess was right.

She is a Christian, and she picked that name in gratitude to the One who dispenses the

Shekinah glory. She works in the US military office. That’s all I knew of her.


But here is the point I want to make.


I threw in a very elementary question about creation, and the those guys out there

jumped on it, picked up on the heat, and threw in all their knowledge and learning.

Whew! It was a long, long discussion, and I was enjoying all the arguments and

counter-arguments sent back and forth, and of course, since it is the science forum,

now and then someone would quip, ‘This should be in the religion section!’ then

continue on with the discussion.


Then came the bomber. A guy with a long, long list of arguments pointed out the

defect of natural selection. He was arguing that there is a flaw in nature, and that

due to natural selection, which all started when the so-called evolution took place.

He was pointing out that if ‘creatures were left to pick and select their own existence

and make-up’, it would definitely amount to anything less than perfect. Then he

enumerated all the defects in each and every existing living being.


He did mention that for humans, one of the defect is known as ‘hernia’. Don’t know why.


Anyway, that discussion was a vast knowledge, and I regret not being able to ftp the

full text of the arguments. It was a waste. If only web was prevalent then, and I can

simply ‘click’ and ‘save as’…


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