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Thursday, 12-February-2009


By Dr Bill Maier


Sometimes the best approach to solving a problem is to think outside the box. And what better skill to teach our kids?


There’s a difference between being artistic and being creative.


Creativity is about solving problems by looking at things from a different perspective.


It’s a matter of learning to consider multiple solutions, and thinking through a number of outcomes. Instead of simply saying something won’t work, a creative person will usually try to figure out a way to make it work.


And creativity isn’t something you have to be born with – it’s a skill, just like math or reading.


And it’s something every child can learn.


When your kids are ready to give up on a project, teach them to look at it from a different angle.


Say to them: “What would happen if we tried it this way?” Then, if that does not work, help them try something else.


The key is to think outside the box and to teach your kids to do the same.


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