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From TODAY, Voices

Friday, 13-February-2009


By Dr Bill Maier


Some things are easier to get into than to get out of. Just ask little Timmy.


Timmy is a seven-year-old boy who went shopping with his father and saw one of those glass boxes filled with stuffed animals — you know the ones you pick up with the little cranes that drop the animals into a chute?


Well, Timmy couldn’t resist, so when Dad wasn’t watching he climbed through the opening in front of the machine.


He got in, but he couldn’t get back out, and it took the local firemen two hours to dismantle the machine and set him free. They never did figure out how he got through the 20-centimetre opening.


What about you – ever get into something you couldn’t get out of? Like a string of little lies that eventually turned into a web of deceit?


Or maybe you experimented with drugs or cigarettes only to find yourself addicted?


Whatever the case, you learned that getting into something is easy – getting out is another story.


So, don’t let temptation get the best of you. Think before you act. 


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