Thursday, February 12, 2009

Beware Computer-obsessed Kids



From TODAY, Voices

Monday, 09-February-2009


By Dr Bill Maier


Are your kids spending several hours each day on the Internet or playing video games?


It may be time to pull the plug.


Millions of kids are spending a good part of their days glued to a video screen. And a lot of the games they’re playing aren’t that healthy.


The latest craze is Internet games, where kids compete against players around the world.


Thousands of kids have become obsessed with them.


This is a concern, since one-in-five kids report being solicited on-line for sex, and one out of three admit that they’ve seen pornographic websites, even if by accident.


As parents, we need to be aware of our kids’ Internet and videogame habits. This can’t be stressed enough.


If your child is spending too much time online or playing video games, step in and do something about it.


Monitor the time they spend, and stick to your guns when they protest. Remind them that there’s a whole world outside just waiting to be explored.


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