Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Keep daredevils safe

From Focus on the Family

Living with a daredevil can sure keep you on your toes. Especially when they’re just a toddler. Some children seem to thrive on taking risks.

One minute they’re hanging from the bunk bed and the next they’re leaping from the couch to a chair. They seem to have no fear and no regard for their safety. They have no idea how easily they could hurt themselves.

So how do keep your little thrill-seeker safe without squelching his natural energy? Begin by explaining to them why you don’t want them using the house as a play gym. It’s not only dangerous, it’s destructive. Then make sure they have a safe alternative.

When their juices get flowing, take them to the park where they can run and climb to their heart’s content. And keep a close eye on them. Daredevils tend to take risks wherever they are. Who knows … with a little diligence and planning, you might even keep them alive until Primary 1!

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From TODAY, Voices - Tuesday, 24-Aug-2010
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