Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Drug and alcohol-free attitudes

From Focus on the Family

If you want to raise drug and alcohol-free children, make sure they have the right attitudes.
If they’ve seen their parents abuse substances like tobacco, alcohol or other drugs, they will likely see it as pretty harmless.

They will think to themselves: “If mum or dad drink, or use sleeping pills to get to sleep every night, then how dangerous could it be?“

Their attitude towards drugs, alcohol and tobacco will usually reflect what you have modelled for them at home.
How their friends feel about drugs will make a big impact as well. If they hang out with children who see nothing wrong with it, they’re much more likely to give in and try it.

When it comes to keeping children off drugs, alcohol and tobacco, a healthy attitude is your greatest ally.

From TODAY, Voices - Wednesday, 25-Aug-2010

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