Monday, July 05, 2010

The true cost of working

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By Dr Bill Maier

Before you decide you cannot afford to stay home with your baby, make sure you have done the maths.

Many mothers assume that working part- or full-time is better for the family financially, yet they have never really sat down to consider the cost.

First, there is the cost of day care. In some places this can run up quite high. And some day care clinics make you pay even if you keep you child home for a day.

Then there are additional costs, like lunch money, and field trips.

Do not forget to factor in the extra clothes and jewellery you need, along with lunch money for yourself. Do you need a second car because of your job? That is another expense.

If most mothers took an honest evaluation of their expenses they would find that working outside the home actually costs them money.

Not to mention time away from their babies.

From TODAY, Voices - Tuesday, 29-June-2010

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