Friday, July 09, 2010

Moving past post self-image

By Dr Bill Maier

Are you constantly unhappy with the way you look?

Maybe you need a change – and I’m not talking about a makeover.

Self-image is a strange thing. Many people you would consider handsome or pretty actually struggle to accept the way they look. A girl may think her nose is too big when it’s a perfectly normal size. A man may fret over a bald spot that no one else even notices.

How we see ourselves is seldom the way others see us.

Poor self-image often comes from a parent who didn’t accept us, or failed to build us up as they should have.

And it probably wasn’t a conscious thing on their part — they were simply reacting the way their parents reacted to them.

Blaming your parents does no good. The healthy approach is to get past your childhood and move forward.

Learning to accept yourself may take a lot of work — even counselling — but it’s critical to a happy future.

From TODAY, Voices - Thursday, 01-July-2010

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