Friday, July 09, 2010

SOARING solo successfully

By Dr James Dobson

We can learn a valuable lesson from the glider pilots who soar through the skies.

From my office, I can see air force pilots train. The yellow training gliders have immense wing spans and seem to ride the wind effortlessly. But eventually, the pilots exhaust the currents and they have to come down. The only way they can soar again is to be tethered behind a powered aircraft. If the trainee in the glider didn’t accept help, he would never get off the ground. Yet if that student remained tethered to the tow plane, there would never be a successful flight.

Author and single mum Sandra Aldrich refers to this delicate balance in her book From One Single Mum to Another. She said: “In the early days of our singlehood, it’s often difficult to find the balance between letting friends help and leaning on them.”

It’s a tough balance to be sure, but perhaps this picture of a glider being pulled aloft will encourage single parents to accept help when it’s needed and then turn around and help others in a similar situation. After all, all of us find ourselves in a glider every now and then.

From TODAY, Voices - Tuesday, 06-July-2010

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