Thursday, June 24, 2010

Treating nappy rush

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By Dr Bill Maier

Nearly every baby develops nappy rash from time to time, and it’s never fun to deal with — especially for the baby.

The most common cause of nappy rash is prolonged exposure to a dirty diaper. Often parents will buy super absorbent diapers, and unintentionally go too long between changes.

Other rashes are caused by chemicals or fragrances in baby wipes, detergents, or soaps. Some babies react to one brand but not another, so there’s a lot of trial and error involved in finding out the source.

Treating a rash is often a matter of common sense. Change the nappy as soon as it gets wet or soiled.

Switching to non-fragrant alcohol-free wipes and even tries other brands for a while.

If you use cloth diapers, try using soap instead of detergent. You might also let your baby’s bottom air dry after cleaning. And ask your doctor about the best ointment or cream to use.

From TODAY, Voices - Tuesday, 15-June-2010

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