Thursday, June 24, 2010

Facing the winter

By Dr James Dobson

My mother and father were married for 43 years in one of the most beautiful, loving relationships the world has ever seen. When my mum turned 50, my father was beginning to think about the passage of time. And he wrote a wonderful poem on that day that he called, simply, Your Birthday. This is what he said:

The whole world singing, now that Spring has come.
I saw a robin in the morning sun.
Among the pale green leaves and bursting buds, I heard His talk.
But it is Autumn, where we walk.

‘Tis true for us, the Summer too is gone.
Now, whiplash winds arise, and further on
the ice and sleet and cold and grim assault to pierce us through.
Does Fall in Spring-time frighten you?

Impotent shines the April sun so fair,
to melt the wisps of frost within your hair.
My dear I know you feel the threatening gloom, but I’m with you
and hand in hand, we’ll face the winter too.

The winter did come for this man and woman, and they’re now both gone. But my dad kept his promise and they faced those difficult years together. Even the ageing process is easier, when it’s experienced in the context of love.

From TODAY, Voices - Wednesday, 09-June-2010

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