Thursday, June 24, 2010

In praise of mothers

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By Dr James Dobson

You don't see many mothers dress like Wonder Woman these days, but I think any mother who lovingly raises a child from infancy to adulthood deserves to be called a Superhero.

I recall a time many years ago when my wife broke her leg skiing, requiring me to play Mr Mum for two weeks. It was a lot tougher than advertised. On my first morning on the job, our headstrong three-year-old boy began teaching me the rules of the game called “motherhood”. At 6am, I was woken from a deep, dreamy sleep by his loud cry and he continued shrieking as I staggered down the hall. When I pushed open his bedroom door, the crying immediately stopped and a cheery little voice said, “Is breakfast ready?” He followed me into the kitchen, where I rummaged through the cupboards bleary-eyed, all the while being barraged with questions: “Why isn't the milk poured? Don't you even know where the eggs are?” and: “Are you sure you've ever done this before?” I ignored his questions until finally I tuned in to hear him sigh and say: “I'm getting so tired of you.” And why do I share these memories with you? Because if you're a mother raising your kids with love and devotion, you deserve a lot of credit and praise.

You may not get applause from your kids, but you deserve a standing ovation from the rest of us. Commitment, dedication, perseverance; these are the hallmarks of a hero — an unsung hero.

From TODAY, Voices - Tuesday, 22-June-2010

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