Thursday, June 24, 2010

Is motherhood boring?

By Dr James Dobson

When I hear someone comment that being a mother and homemaker is boring, I have a simple response: You're right!

The truth is, almost any occupation you can name involves long hours of tedious activity. Few of us enjoy excitement each moment of our professional lives.

I once stayed in a hotel room right next to the room of a famous cellist who was performing in a concert that evening. I could hear him through the walls as he practised hour after hour.

He didn't play beautiful symphonic renditions; he repeated scales and runs and exercises, over and over and over. This began early in the morning and continued until the time of his concert. As he strolled on the stage that night, I'm sure many in the audience thought: "What a glamorous life!" Some glamour! I happen to know he spent the entire day in his hotel room with his cello.

I doubt if the job of being a mother and homemaker is more boring than most other jobs, particularly if a woman refuses to be isolated from adult contact. But no job can compete with the satisfaction of shaping and moulding and guiding a new human being.

From TODAY, Voices - Thursday, 10-June-2010

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