Friday, April 16, 2010

Empty nest Dad

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By Dr Bill Maier

We hear a lot about mothers struggling with Empty Nest Syndrome, but often it’s good old dad who takes it the hardest.

All parents have a hard time when kids leave home, but a recent survey showed that many fathers actually take it harder than their wives. Some men go through long periods of depression and anxiety.

Experts believe this is because fathers often have more regrets. They’ve been so busy building a nice home and a successful career that they’ve let the years slip through their fingers.

Suddenly, they look up and it’s too late. Their child is gone, and they never developed the kind of relationship they wanted to have.

If you still have children at home, take the time now to enjoy being with them while they’re young. Use the time you have to invest in their lives, and get to know them while you have a chance.

From TODAY, Voices - Friday, 09-April-2010
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