Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What's up?

In my hunt for purchaseable flats, I’ve learned a few lessons:

1.       It pays to view.

- Pictures don’t even come close to the real thing, so go out there, and view flats!

2.      What you don’t get, you learn from.

- I’ve seen many flats, saw their makes and designs, and some undesigns, while some, no designs at all. And we’ve seen some that we like so much, but cannot afford, and wouldn’t afford even if we have the money. Nonetheless, we have learned a great deal of how to fix up and mix up and arrange things in the (new) house, thanks to what we have seen.

3.      Obstacles are what we see, when God is showing us something else.

- Sometimes, we pray for great things. And when God wanted us to see the answer, we can’t, because we have fixed our eyes on what we think is the best house, ever.

4.      Prayer and practical moves makes sense.

- Having prepared financially, we’ve made preparations and actions and fallback reactions – in case the worst happens.


God bless!


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