Friday, October 12, 2007


The bank loan has been applied and is already half-through for about 3 weeks now.

The Option and Valuation documents were sent in yesterday, and the bank officer

promptly contacted me to inform me of final documentation requirements.


Amidst the joy of “owning” a house, of being able to call a roof our own, a place where

we can sleep soundly under the protection of our Lord, in a place that He has provided,

there is still the doubt creeping up now and then. I analyze, and I find that it is not

lack of faith. It is, rather, the means by which, even in the midst of the fulfillment

of God’s promises, even at the point of receiving the answer to our prayers, and the

blessings He so freely will give, if only we believe – and it is not that we don’t believe,

but that we still have our finite sight, there are moments when even we know that

God is on our side, we doubt. God allows it, as in those short and sudden moments of

being unsure, we cling to Him. We draw near to Him, and confess to Him our plight.

God listens, and gently reassures us, through His Word, through His people, through

His Spirit that comforts our spirit.


After 10 years of squatting, of moving from one place to another, of unending rentals,

of being sojourners, we would finally be able to settle in a place that is officially and

legally we can call “our own”. And it is a place where we would stay as long as we can.

A place where we will take root, a place which is primarily intended to be our abode.

It is, unlike some, a flat that is purchased for our own use, as a family, and not for

financial advancement later on when the opportunity comes.


We look back, and the 10 years seem to be but yesterday.

We look forward, and we can’t tell what will come.

We can only say that our future is safe in the hands of our God.


“As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”


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