Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Flat-hunt

I saw a house so lovely,

My joy just overflowed;

I asked the Lord to bless me,

With one of such abode.


I thought about the others,

I made comparisons:

A bigger house, a smaller one,

Much diff’rences we’d note.


And with 2 rounds of viewing,

Ideas have evolved:

Some, bigger, but not nicer,

Some, farther, but, behold!


And yes, if it were bigger,

And nearer to the train,

For sure it would be dearer,

Your money – sure to drain.


Some, old house, yet the asking,

Some, high floors, to restore;

Some, fancy, but, the pricing!

Some, low floors, oh, adore!


But hey, we know one unit,

Though lower floor, it’s lovely;

It sure is good, but pricey,

Where would we get the money?


Our pockets? No! It’s not enough.

Ask rel’tives? No. Not much they’ve got.

We know! We have our Father dear,

Who gives us what we ask in pray’r.


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