Friday, October 12, 2007

Next Week...

With the bank loan pending final approval, the banker keeping track

of my application reassured me that ‘it should be ok’.


My agent, on the other hand, called in about an hour later, and he also

promptly called me to say that I shouldn’t be worrying about the bank loan.


To top it up, he told me that I can go and ‘see’ the house one more time.

‘When can I do that?’ was my reply. Next week, when the LO is out for signing.


Since there is a branch in Yishun for the financial institution, I suggested that

iunstead of going all the way to Bukit Merah (Red Hill), we would just request

the bank officer to come down to Yishun, especially that I and my wife would

both be signing the papers.


And, we’d be paying the rest of the downpayment of 4k when we go and see the flat

the second time around. I was thinking that the kids wouldn’t even want to go in,

as they’d be going straight to the park, which is just below the flat that we purchased.


And to think that at the time when we were trying to save as much as we can,

a friend from the Phils needed shelter and assistance, and we were the default party

to give accommodation. As I have lifted it up to the Lord, the extra room in our house,

if the Lord gives us one, will be for transients, for people needing a temporary roof

and room to spend the night in.


God has been faithful.


What more can I say?


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