Friday, August 24, 2007

We have heightened focus... when we are blind.

This morning, I had the chance, or so to say, a better and clearer idea,

of what it is being blind. While taking a bath, I closed my eyes to prevent

the lather from going in. I kept my eyes closed the whole time I was

rubbing my body. Although I can’t see a thing, and the vision was nil,

it was as if I can see exactly what is happening as I rub my arms, my legs,

my back, and my toes. In my mind, I can “see” how all these are happening.

I was thinking, then I understood. The eyes doesn’t have anything else on sight.

And rightly so, since 80% of the information that our brain receives is coming

from our eyes. And if our brain can process a billion different data any moment,

then a little calculation will help us:


With our eyes, we come to process 1,000,000,000 x 80% = 800,000,000 data.

The remaining 200,000,000 comes from the other senses.


If that 80% portion is shut off, imagine how much focus it adds!


The reproduction of sound from electrical signals in our hi-fi systems,

into the mechanical movement in our speakers, which is approximately only 7%,

we are already calling it “lifelike” sound reproduction.

The same is true converting chemical energy into mechanical movements,

which is approximately about 10% efficient, we already have race cars and

sports cars that can go at superfast speeds, not to mention jets.


If that were all increased to 100%, what would the result be?


And if we are all blinded, imagine how focused our brains would be!


Isn’t it any wonder why Christ would remind us to “walk by faith, and not by sight”?


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