Wednesday, August 22, 2007

CRP at it... again!

The news last night indicated that products somewhere in Europe were recalled

due to poisonous substances/chemicals used in the manufacture of such items.

And these products are made where? None other than the giant country CRP.

They are standing up to their reputation. And guess what? The MNCs may yet

think of pulling their business out of that cheap-labor-big-profit country –

the damage is more than the supposed gain if wrought out of that place.

For months, this has been the unfading scenario during newstime, and it is simply

an indication of the infamous and unscrupulous ways that these race of yellow-skinned

people do their dealings. History confirms this, as has been recorded in our books and

study materials, to name a few.

And it may be a good news for other countries in the SEA region – once business is

pulled out from that country, it will be diverted to other cheap-labor-big-profit

fabrication site, and of course, minus the hazardous chemicals and substances.

Corrupt officials may be an exception.

I’m just wondering what will happen next…


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