Monday, August 20, 2007

My Disposition

After gone through some experiences and learning processes, I can say that

my disposition in life has changed.

1.       When I see somebody very aggressive, I’d think that that person hasn’t been into some big challenges yet.

2.      When I see somebody very idealistic, that person hasn’t been around real people and real situations, yet.

3.      When I see somebody very high-faluting, that person hasn’t been down and out, yet.

4.      When I see somebody very stingy, I know for certain that that person hasn’t experience begging, even just for the next meal.

5.       When I see somebody stiff-necked, that person hasn’t gone through a humiliating and humbling experience.

6.      When I see somebody bragging, that person hasn’t really accomplished much, and there is not yet in the airy head.

7.      When I see somebody looking down on others, that person hasn’t experienced being on the opposite side.

8.      When I see somebody who seems to know all, that person hasn’t lived the real life – yet.

9.      When I see somebody bellitling everybody else, that person has a lot of insecurities.

10.   When I see somebody bossing around, that person hasn’t really experienced safety.


I am always reminded of myself when I see these types of person day in and day out.

May God keep my feet on the groundand my eyes onto Him, that I may not look down on others.

May my hands be open – to freely receive and to freely give equally.

May my heart bleed when others are hurting, showing the same compassion as my Lord’s.

May I live the life worthy of His calling; may my life be a vessel fit for the Master.



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