Thursday, August 23, 2007

CRP still at it...

The news last night indicated that there were products recall, specifically for

children’s garments, after an incident of a kid’s pajamas burning, causing burns

on the small child’s arms and legs. This was in New Zealand. Now, products from CRP

are banned in Europe. And this phenomena is spreading across the globe.

In the Phils, including even feeding bottles, specially the nipples, these are found

to also have a high content of hazardous chemicals. CRP is using formaldehyde and

another hazardous chemical. Textiles included. For infants, the use of such contaminated materials

will cause problems on liver, kidney, and genetics. An expert stated that boys become

a bit feminine, while girls become a bit masculine. And the effects on the liver and kidney

are lifelong. And many, many accounts of such incidents are being broadcasted daily.


Up to now, I’m just wondering what WHO is thinking? This is already a worldwide epidemic…


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