Thursday, July 12, 2007

Steam Control Surgical Stainless Steel Waterless Cookware

The Surgical Stainless Steel Waterless Cookware fever has not stopped.


After a demo on one particular brand of cookware at our place, I was

receiving a number of comments and feedbacks, not to mention the ample info

found in the net. Here goes:


1.       Those who have purchased the SM set (at a very high price!) attest to the excellence of the product.

2.      A colleague who did a cooking demo at our place happened to run a demo at another house, the owner of which already owned a SM cookware set. Having seen the capability of the cookware brand currently on demo, she didn’t hesitate to try out the recipe of a home-made pizza on the set she already had. The verdict? NOT MUCH DIFFERENCE. She just bought the ‘laba board’ from TW, which is used for marinating, or as a doughboard when making dough.

3.      One person who was trying to be a consultant for SM managed to sell to 2 households, 1 set each. That’s 2 sets of very high-priced cookwares. What’s more, the items were paid COD! That’s a whooping thousand dollars at one go! But guess what? The poor lady didn’t get even a single dime of commission. Why? Because she did not purchase her own set of the SM cookwares. And to think, they were saying that you didn’t need to buy in order to earn. Now that the money’s in, it’s not coming out and getting distributed… it’s a shame! The dealer actually tried to sell to her an old cookware set, for less. That’s even more a shame (on the dealer!) Seems like that person has no more delicadeza, adding insult to injury. The husband finally told the wife to stop engaging in SM, whether or not they buy their own set. Stop! Stop! Stop!

4.      A couple who bought a small set was given 3 big pieces for free. Of course, with a price that high, it’s like you actually paid even for the free items. Ain’t that right, mate?

5.       Another couple who bought a set of the SM wares was surprised to know that there is a similar cookware from TW, and at a big price difference! Otherwise, what would you call a 1/10 price difference? Peanuts?

6.      Finally, in my continued search for this seemingly magical cookware over the net, I came across several sites of reviews, and the SM brand keeps on popping up. Not only that, the other brands, like WB, or the sister companies of SM were also mentioned. And the common complain is this: HIGH PRICE! There were 2 reviews that I liked much. Once came from a couple who have 2 daughters going to college, and the other one was from a mother who home-school her kids. No, these are not from Singapore, they are from US! For both reviews, the origin is the same. Both saw a state fair demo, saw how good the cookware is, how healthy the food is, how much energy you save, how short the cooking time becomes, etc., etc. Then the price. US $1000 to $3000+. Rip off! The couples were turned off from that time onwards, but the demo lingered on in their minds. The older couple went straight away to surfing and searching the internet. They found one, a very good set, they bought it, and were very much satisfied. It is free shipping some more, what! The price? Less than 1/10 of the set at the state fair. The younger couple had a longer processing time. The husband and wife thought and talked, and thought and talked some more. The husband who was working, happened to bring up the matter to a colleague, who said, ‘Have you checked the internet on your items?’ And that was what they did. They also found the same cookware set as the older couple. Price is very close, 1/10 of the state fair cookware set, with the difference only in the shipping. The older couple bought 2 sets of the cookware, one for each daughter. The younger couple settled with one; that’s all they needed.

7.      Here’s the link. I’m actually considering buying the set that can be used on induction cooktops.


C'est tout!


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