Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Don't look the devil in the eye

Interestingly, I’ve had encounters with the devil so much that I’ve recognized some of his tactics.

Since he is the father of lies, and nothing he says is true, it would be very easy ro recognize when

he is around, and starts to pick on you. He can’t keep to himself his wiles anymore. Here are some

of his subtle ways, and you have to watch out for them, or you’ll be in grave danger.


Always remember, ‘Don’t look the devil in the eye.’


1.       Dreams are said to be involuntary and they project what you have been thinking about. Satan has invaded even our dreams. So when you dream of sensual things, dream as if you are awake. Run from the temptation! Pray for the Lord’s help as if it were really happening. Look the other way. Don’t look the devil in the eye!

2.      When your eyes wander, and you glance upon some things that makes you covet them, and you become obsessed by them, look the other way. Remember, don’t look the devil in the eye!

3.      If you are married, or even if you are single, and by chance you see a person who attracts you, never have the slightest idea of flirting. Don’t even think of it. Not even in your mind. The devil will surely know it. Banish that thought right away. Don’t look the devil in the eye!

4.      If you have all the opportunities to commit a crime, and no one seems to be around, remember, the Father is everywhere, and He knows your every move and every thought. Tell the devil to go behind, go out and not come back. Thank the Father and look to him. Don’t ever believe the devil’s lie that you won’t get caught. Shut your ears to him. Don’t look the devil in the eye.

5.       When you do something and nobody knows, and you know that it is a sin, be immediately rebuked! Confess to the Father, and ask for his forgiveness. Don’t ever, ever believe that ‘what they don’t know won’t hurt them.’ Your family will be the first peoples to suffer the consequences of the wrong that you are doing. Don’t compromise your life. Don’t negotiate with the devil. Don’t look the devil in the eye!

6.      When there is something that you think you need to do, and it is legal, but the outcome is not beneficial, stop! In hurting other people, you hurt yourself – though indirectly. Build your community; don’t destroy it. Especially the church. A united church is a powerful church. The devil doesn’t want that. So before you do something, ask the Father. Pray for His guidance. Never lend the devil an ear. He will want more than that. Don’t look the devil in the eye!


When Jesus was brought into the wilderness and was tempted, the devil wasn’t testing Him if he has the power. He is not questioning Him of His authority. He wasn’t showing who the greatest is. The devil knows that he isn’t. It is God. It is Christ. What the devil was trying to do is to make Jesus lose His focus, and remove His eyes from His Father. The devil tried to distract Jesus with the lure of the world, the lust of the flesh, the pride of life. Jesus saw through that deception, and he overcame it. He didn’t look the devil in the eye – His eyes were focused on His Father.


Let us all do the same. Don’t look the devil in the eye.


Let us fix our eyes on the Lord Jesus Christ, and on the Father. Amen!




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